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Larissa Germany

"Thanks to the Atelier francophone!  I worked a lot on one-to-one lessons and obtained the DELF B2 in 2 months! I loved the method and especially the cultural training! I did some cultural visits and learned a lot about France! "

Audrey United States

"I stayed in Montpellier for 2 weeks, with a very nice family. At the Francophone workshop I was able to learn French in a very pleasant and fun way, I was also able to attend a yoga class, which also helped me to improve my level. Now, I take one hour of conversation on Skype per week, on topics that interest me, such as ecology and French history. at the Atelier francophone, we learn French, but also culture and history,  it's always very interesting!"

Cristina Rodríguez Dominican Republic

"I must admit that I love taking classes through Skype. I really didn’t expect this, but it’s so practical. I can take the classes from the comfort of my home and continue to learn even when I’m crazy busy. It’s true that at the beginning I was a little skeptical about the whole idea, but I went along with it and did it anyways because it was a question of need. I really wanted to take classes to improve my French and I already had a full schedule with classes and a part-time job. These online classes have been practical and an excellent solution!"

Alessandra Germany

"I got the DALF C1 with the Atelier francophone team and it was a great experience, of which I am very proud!"


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